iRacing : Insane Lap at Barber Motorsports Park in IR-18

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iRacing : Insane Lap at Barber Motorsports Park in IR-18

Postprzez shamim27s » Pt kwi 20, 2018 15:34

iracing Hey guys how's it going? Today we're going to go for a lap around Barber Motorsports Park in a Dallara IR-18 with Josh Herman.

So as we come down the front straightaway it's a real fast track, it's a left hander with lots of elevation change and a deep braking point.

You go smashing right through that turn you wanna keep the speed up and then it's a long sweeper here going up this hill, man, it's a flat out

corner right there you have to be careful coming down to the braking zone here...It's a late braking zone, it's probably the trickiest turn on the

track you have to get a good exit out of here, but you can lose a lot of time.

Using up all the road as you see a little bit overboard there. This next part of the track is super fast you really have to push it to the limit

right here as you can see locking up the brakes and jumping over the curbs and then really get a quick exit out of this turn using up all the


This is a pretty simple left hander you don't want to use a lot of curb there because if you do your car bounces around and you lose time.

This you want to do flat out right here and then down to 4th gear, over the hill, around this is where you cover really high speed umm it's really

tricky you know your wheels can come off the ground.

Other than that, that's a lap at Barber Motorsports Park. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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