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tour So, at the last moment, we chose Cyprus, not Turkey. There have already been a couple of times, but on this island Aphrodite is not yet. So on the road. They say that it is very profitable to rent a car and have fun. So let's do it. On reviews of travelers in Cyprus, literally one or two .... But thanks also to the guys for writing them. It was very informative for us. I hope that my story will be interesting and useful for someone.

Rented cars: the office was found through

1) Mitsubishi Colt, 1.3 automatic. The package is simple with air conditioning. 2008 onwards mileage of about 50 thousand km very good condition. A pair of Kotzok on the bumper does not count.

The cost is 30 euros per day, + 35 euros for a full tank of gasoline, + 10 euros for a pair of child seats, + 5 euros for a large Russian-speaking navigator. Paper maps of all of Cyprus and its individual parts are attached. We rode for three days. 800 km. Fuel consumption is about 8.5 l / 100 km.

Cars were taken in a specialized office. There is even an English manager who will show, tell and arrange everything. It is very important. Otherwise a dark forest. Divine conditions - the presence of an international model of rights, driving experience and determination to master the left-hand movement. First I chose the "Colt" on the machine, at least three days. I thought, enough for the eyes, it was necessary to take longer. The car is filled up to the eyeballs, this is paid too. We made a contract, insurance with a franchise of 500 euros, personally showed how the car was going, how to turn corners, wished them a happy stay and expressed hope that they would not have to call ahead of time for unpleasant reasons.

The second took a couple of days, just a day. In the same place. Because I’m already a regular customer, they didn’t refuel me at my expense, and they gave me chairs for children.
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