New wood-plastic composite flooring set off a new trend of h

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New wood-plastic composite flooring set off a new trend of h

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In the international community is regarded as the 21st century innovation and technology of polymer wood flooring, will live healthy and comfortable, green, stylish and beautiful, convenient decoration and so on, cut a striking figure by the decoration business and head of the welcome, become interior decoration protagonist.
Wood-plastic composite flooring performance is good, moisture and water, acid and alkali, tasteless, fungi, antistatic, moth, Mianqi, in line with the human body comfort. The kind of flooring to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, south africa deck cost per square meterits fire and smoke density to meet the national B1 standard, with superior flame resistance, increasing the safety factor of human habitation. Especially for geothermal heating floor effect is very good. Japan, South Korea, North America has been widely used, the floor absolutely zero formaldehyde, benzene, is an excellent choice for home decoration. Wood-plastic composite flooring good features so that many people on their "love at first sight." In addition, the plastic wood floor color uniform, 3 sets of plywood in nairobi costnatural lines, showing a realistic wood flavor, can reflect the concept of personalized decoration.
Wood flooring is the best substitute for solid wood flooring and flooring products, is a strong recommendation of the Japanese enterprises a green floor. It overcomes the solid wood flooring and strengthen the floor fear of water, formaldehyde and other harmful substances defects, fundamentally To a large number of conservation of forest wood, reduce pollution, maintain a good balance of ecological role. Can be widely applied to the living room,non-toxic green composite fence bathroom, conference rooms, sports venues, parks and other indoor and outdoor places.
In the consumer of the traditional solid wood flooring easy to deformation, not easy to maintain, not moisture, no water, not wear, easy to fade, poor stability, the installation process both wasted and cumbersome cumbersome procedures and strengthen the composite floor containing formaldehyde, And other shortcomings and trouble! Adapt to the green, healthy and energy-saving new trends, keeping up with market demand, high technological content, people shines on the new floor, wood flooring appeared. Wood plastic floor to "environmental protection, health" for the idea of ​​"high quality and efficient" as the goal to develop in line with market demand, the new essentials of the patented product - wood flooring. Wooden flooring is made of wood fiber mixed with plastic heating material, it is different from the past wood fiber and glue bonding from the high love floor. Wood plastic floor waterproof, non-formaldehyde, is a floor industry's most complete innovation, the most thorough progress.
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