The plastic flooring builds up the advantages of plastic and

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The plastic flooring builds up the advantages of plastic and

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As a new type of composite environmental protection point of view, the plastic floor is very market potential, compared to the traditional floor material, it can be more environmentally friendly also can be with a variety of household units device style Fit, it has a lot of advantages, the scope of application is widespread. It is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving composite information, the current range can be used very common, which can be made a lot of consumer attention, in the establishment of the garden, interior and exterior decoration, floor, fence and many other central can be used, Plastic wood flooring is the wood and thermoplastic polymer materials and processing aids mixed together in the manufacture of processing from.
Waterproof and moisture-proof solid wood flooring is not a good waterproof, if a long time in the water soak, the internal timber structure information will be affected, and such new composite materials will not have this problem, their waterproof and moisture resistance is more prominent, this But also many consumers choose one of the important reasons for such a floor. Pest control wood flooring because it is a natural material, it will be a little less will be some insects or termite bites, so it also makes a lot of consumers buy solid wood flooring is very troublesome, but the plastic floor is not There will be a problem, after adding a composite material can be prevented by bites bites, in addition to their service life is also relatively high. Color style and diverse market demand will make more products present, and plastic floor is also true, it is no restrictions on the color, the market for consumers to choose the style and color is more and more, while the style also showed a variety Can be combined with a variety of decoration sites to meet the needs of individuality.
Compared to the whole solid wood floor, plastic wood flooring assembled plastic and solid wood material of the various advantages, it is more safe and environmentally friendly, but also can reduce the solid wood material contained in the formaldehyde content, and thus more secure on the human body, And then compared to the traditional floor, the plastic floor of the more cost-effective, but in the overall process is not inferior to solid wood flooring.
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