Show the charm of the taste of fashion mix and match style f

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Show the charm of the taste of fashion mix and match style f

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  Furniture is an important part of the family, a single choice will look dull. Different regions with different styles of furniture, not only will bring the perspective of the enjoyment, but also because of the material and style structure of the different, bringing the effect of all seasons to rattan furniture, leisure furniture, solid wood furniture for the material, combined with pastoral, Postmodern, simple, Chinese, Japanese, classical style mix and match furniture, become the lifestyle of today's home life.
Through the use of fashion mix and match style can also feel the advantages of a variety of styles, and each style has a different characteristics. Rattan pastoral furniture style main features in the use of floral and stripes, lines sense and very superb. While the leisure furniture used in the pastoral style is more natural imitation rattan, simple linear and radial use, showing a very natural texture sense.
 Fashion mix and match style in the working class is very common, very stylish and always reflect the essence of practical, will rattan, fashion, leisure, commoner and other characteristics into one, so as to show the ultimate perfect effect, in the selection, with the best Listen to the views of Shenzhen Conte professional designers, so as to avoid chaotic situation.
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