Outdoor casual folding chairs

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Outdoor casual folding chairs

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First, the advantages of outdoor leisure folding chairs
Outdoor leisure folding chair shape design is not only beautiful, very comfortable when used. The advantage is that it is easy to close, easy to carry when going out, do not take any space, when you can not find a place to store up. In addition, the chair can be arbitrarily disassembled, easy to clean. Use a wide range of places, such as home, garden, corridor, camping, outdoor activities and some other leisure venues can be used.
There are many styles and colors. High-quality aluminum alloy tube material advanced, light weight.
Design novel, easy to fold, light weight, easy to carry, can be folded in a few seconds for portable, back to carry and other beautiful use of the characteristics; very convenient to use, particularly strong, hard wood solid wood material, Weigh up a lot of weight, evidently can be used for many years. The other two sides have handrails, use more convenient.
Outdoor leisure recliner rust, sun, anti-嚗, anti-deformation, than the conjoined very durable.
If you want to go to the south to the heart of a holiday, then bring a folding chair, single-sided chair design and back, more cool and comfortable, you can directly on the ground, feel the ground rage cool, so that the whole person fresh Get up
Second, the outdoor leisure folding chair main purposes
1: can be used as a business negotiation, indoor and outdoor display activities, end product promotion and publicity and other interactive business activities a good assistant. Such as bank credit card terminal processing, securities companies for processing and consulting services.
2: garden, on the boat, on the road, the beach rest to enjoy sunbathing, river fishing and other places regardless of picnic, friends gathering, are the best choice, need to open, do not need to close, both convenient and no space to do For a good family standing facility.
3: for all types of people, children are available adults, troops and other group activities are also applicable;
4: suburban picnic, playing cards, fishing, barbecue; widely used:
5: widely used in self-driving travel, outdoor activities, home layout.
6: safe and secure, can be put to put heavy objects, wood materials, environmental protection and practical, sunscreen;
7: can be folded, do not occupy the place, the door behind a three or two are not a problem
8: work special fine, no wood taste, no paint taste, environmental protection assured.
9: quality and workmanship no problem, weight 100-160 pounds to sit no problem, can be very comfortable.
10: There is a use, summer out in the car, where to sit is very convenient.
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