A new type of green material --- wood - plastic composite ma

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A new type of green material --- wood - plastic composite ma

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Wood-plastic synthetic material is a small amount of plastic and waste corner wood powder from the artificial wood. As the product incorporates a small amount of plastic components, wood-plastic materials can effectively remove the natural wood of natural defects, with waterproof, fire, corrosion, anti-termite function. At the same time, because the main components of the product is wood, wood and slag wood, texture and solid wood, can nail, drill, mill, saw, planing, paint, not easy to deformation, Unique production processes and techniques can reduce the loss of raw materials to zero.
Wood plastic materials and products are respected, it has a prominent environmental protection features, can be recycled, almost no harmful substances and toxic gases, the relevant departments of detection, the formaldehyde release only 0.3mg / L, greatly Lower than the national standard (national standard is 1.5mg / L), is a true sense of the green synthetic materials.
Wood-plastic composites are made of wood fiber or plant fiber, reinforced modified thermoplastic materials, both wood and plastic cost and performance advantages, by extrusion or compression molding for the profile, sheet or other products, alternative wood and plastic The Wood fiber plastic compound research has been 80 years of history, but has been unable to industrialization, about 15 years ago, a small amount for low-value sound-absorbing products.
As a result of the strengthening of environmental protection concepts, the US construction industry began to find alternative materials like wood (no corrosion, no warping, easy maintenance, appearance and wood similar), and South Korea and Japan paper, wood processing plant for seeking saw powder , Waste wood chips and other applications. These have promoted and accelerated the research and application of wood-plastic composites. The use of wood powder filled with mixed processing into the construction and structural profiles is currently out of the industry one of the most active areas, new development and application is also endless. Many countries put power to accelerate the development and application of the pace, especially the production of profiles, is known as a "hot" market.
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