Teak outdoor furniture charm

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Teak outdoor furniture charm

Postprzez qizhenshan » Śr maja 31, 2017 02:23

  Teak and mahogany is a grade of furniture, because teak we do not have this tree in China so that everyone is not too much understanding of teak. Teak is a great category, generally Thai teak and Myanmar teak is the most precious, because Thai teak is forbidden to export, so Myanmar teak is the most precious.
Teak furniture is characterized by a long life, and color color to maintain a long time, under normal circumstances, the use of decades will not change, which is related to its growth and product characteristics. The biggest advantage of teak is that the natural properties of the wood itself is very good, corrosion-resistant, anti-pest control ant, waterproof and no deformation, is the most easy to deformation of all wood, even if it is immersion is not deformed. Ancient China Zheng He voyage when the already know the use of teak this feature to create special parts of the hull, is now used to do outdoor furniture.
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